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Design & Approval
Interior Decorations

Interior designing or Fit-outs start from the pre-approval from the licensing authority to planning your space, ending with your occupancy certificate, ready for you to move in or for your potential clients. We realize that time is money so we always commit and follow through under all time constraints. All of our interior decorations dubai projects are constructed with our own fit-out team from flooring, Gypsum ceiling, partitions, glass partitions, fire fighting, fire alarm, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc

Fitout Permissions

For every modification or interior decorations in Dubai, UAE a set of plans must be drafted in CAD and taken to the relevant authorities for permission. This can take weeks on end for the client however we take all of this stress away from you allowing you to focus on your future investment. We are approved Fit-out contractors from the following Government authorities.

Statutory Approvals

Because officialdom can rarely match the pace of a fast track Rectangle project, the various permissions and approvals cannot usually be secured before we start on site.

Rectangle, however discuss project requirements with the appropriate local authority departments and take their comments and views into account during the early design phase.

By engaging the relevant authorities in the preliminary stages, Rectangle is fully informed and prepared, thus ensuring final design approval is secured.

Interior Decorations Dubai

Aujan Interior Decorations LLC offers interior design, interior decoration in dubai and consultancy services, specializing in creating unique tailor made interiors for commercial, retail, residences, and office spaces by providing design and build solutions or design only services. Working closely with our clients, our professional team of designers can transform conceptual ideas into reality.

interior decorators dubai

We know that perfection lies in every detail, which is why our team of architects and designers are responsible, not only with creating a detailed sketch of what you want your home or office look like, but also with advising you in the selection of the materials and patterns that best fit your needs and taste.

Our expert Interior Designers will work with you through every stage of your project. We design, create, and deliver bespoke Interiors for all environments including Investment property, private clients and show homes. We have a continuous and proven track record of successfully managed projects of all sizes from a single room design to a complete interior fit out. We pride ourselves in being the top trusted interior design company.

Our designers can create 3D visualizations with accurate detail replica of design scheme. The 3D images enable the client to view a virtual layout and to make decisions at an initial stage of design. Our in house architects will convert sketches & design to CAD detailed drawings with all necessary information according to specifications. They have solid experience of a diverse range of commercial & residential buildings and will prepare drawings with your requirements.

Our interior designers in Dubai are the best and most experienced, they work in a state-of-the-art latest equipment and software.

Before drawing any conclusions on how your project should be carried forward, we will examine your business, listen to the individuals, analyses your technology, observe the way in which your teams communicate and audit facilities to see how staff come and go, eat, drink and socialize.

We have consciously avoided developing an “in-house” style and instead concentrate on developing an understanding of a Client’s specific requirements. By engaging you in a collaborative process, we are able to create a world-class workplace appropriate to your company’s individual office design requirements and budget.

Our highly experienced interior designers in Dubai will work with you to develop an optimized future-proof workplace that dramatically reduces your real-estate costs and increases your company’s productivity and profitability. We are among those interior decorations companies, who fulfill the clients’ requirements!

Our designers offer consultation and guidance on every aspect of a building’s interior and have expertise in all market sectors. Unlike many other interior decorations companies in Dubai we offer you real services at affordable prices!

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