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Customized Furniture

For more than eight years, we’ve been working closely with a wide range of customers in the luxury industry including commercial, F&B, residential & retailers. Our approach is rooted not just on client service but also on good communication and thorough planning. From conception to creation, our focus is always on quality – using materials as unique and individually tailored to each project as we would use them ourselves. Everything else follows after; ensuring safety, functionality + comfort for all your parts.
Our vision is to create luxurious spaces that inspire. We are passionate about design, but we also know that we can be effective when we take the time to
understand how people will use your space. We don’t just design high-end; we educate and encourage interaction. Our clients are our first line of defense in setting up their project.

We are a team of creative professionals with an eye on quality, consistency, and creativity. We have a deep understanding of the design and production processes, and we use the latest technology and machineries to create every detail of each project. We are committed to creating beautiful, personalized spaces that make you feel like your very own art gallery.
No more waiting! Grab your customized fit out with Aujan Interiors!!

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