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Project InfoLocationIBN BATTUTA MALL, DUBAI Square Feet1200 Client NameCOTERI GROUP Project Description We connect your brand identity with your customer experience. Whether you are opening a coffee shop, café, or restaurant, we ensure the highest standard of quality output. An enjoyable place offers a transcendent backdrop,


Project InfoLocationAL ZAHIYA CITY CENTER, SHARJAH Square Feet750 Client NameCHOCOMELT Project Description On the front counter, powder-coated black frames are complemented by transparent glass partitions. Gold-colored metallic signage creates a warm, inviting atmosphere


Project InfoLocationAL QUOZ Square Feet1,200 Client NameINTELLECT COFFEE Scope (Designers)FITOUT TURNKEY DesignerINTELLECT COFFEE Project Description A modern sleek serving counter on top of the artificial limestone texture effect with lighting, creates a stunning effect where customers can partake


Project InfoLocationABU DHABI Square Feet2745 Client NameMARA LOUNGE RESTAURANT Project Description As always, the interior of Mara features a richly refined style that is both classical and contemporary. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with the same clients again and again.

71OZ Steakhouse

Project InfoLocationAL ZAHIA CITY CENTER, SHARJAH Square Feet2745 Client Name71OZ STEAKHOUSE Project Description We wanted to deliver the best guest experience possible. The restaurant


Project InfoLocationCITY CENTER, SHARJAH Square Feet750 Client NameCHICBOY INASEL Project Description The signage of Chikboy Inasel is embedded in greenery to welcome you to try their chickeninasal and other delectable food at City Center, Sharjah. Simple glass bubble design pendant lights offer a minimalistic look to complement the new interior of Chikboy Inasel. The green mosaic tiled brickwork is a nice backdrop to the handcrafted wooden


Project InfoLocationSHARJAH Square Feet350 Client NameTOGA & ORA DesignerProject Description Intelligent lighting can change the perception of the restaurant’s space. It is possible to create an intimate atmosphere with ambient lighting. Every aspect of design contributes to creating a comfortable ambiance for customers. The furniture in a space, whether that is a table or

Mara Lounge & Restaurant

Project InfoLocationAL ZAHIA CITY CENTER, SHARJAH Square Feet2745 Client NameMARA LOUNGE RESTAURANT Project Description A rich, warm, and refined style that is both classic and contemporary. This shop’s upper portion is beautifully


Project InfoLocationJUMEIRAH Square Feet1,200 Client NameICE KREAM Scope (Designers)FITOUT TURNKEY DesignerICE KREAM CAFE Project Description For Ice kream Cafe, What’s with that staggering blue round seating? Let’s take a close look at the round blue seating. Seating constructed of bending ply and metal structure with backlit acrylic for branding. The yellow cushions add a pop of color. A deep blue Korean countertop

Mezza House

Project InfoLocationDOWN TOWN Square Feet5,500 Client NameZUHOOR GROUP Scope (Designers)FITOUT TURNKEY DesignerROAR Project Description Mezza House, a stylish Levant cuisine restaurant nestled in Downtown Dubai with stunning views of Burj Khalifa with an outdoor terrace and live entertainment, captures the essence of authentic Levant food and truly

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