F & B Outlets

/F & B Outlets

Mara Lounge & Restaurant

Project InfoLocationAL ZAHIA CITY CENTER, SHARJAH Square Feet2745 Client NameMARA LOUNGE RESTAURANT Project Description A rich, warm, and refined style that is both classic and contemporary. This shop’s upper portion is beautifully

71OZ Steakhouse

Project InfoLocationAL ZAHIA CITY CENTER, SHARJAH Square Feet2745 Client Name71OZ STEAKHOUSE Project Description We wanted to deliver the best guest experience possible. The restaurant

Frozen Factory

Project InfoLocationAL ZAHIA CITY CENTER, SHARJAH Square Feet750 Client NameFROZEN FACTORY Project Description Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer finibus lorem sit amet augue commodo sodales. Aenean consectetur consectetur condimentum. Nam eu dapibus mi. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. In consectetur lorem vel facilisis euismod. Vestibulum id ipsum accumsan lacus facilisis

Mezza House

Project InfoLocationDOWN TOWN Square Feet5,500 Client NameZUHOOR GROUP Scope (Designers)FITOUT TURNKEY DesignerROAR Project Description Mezza House, a stylish Levant cuisine restaurant nestled in Downtown Dubai with stunning views of Burj Khalifa with an outdoor terrace and live entertainment, captures the essence of authentic Levant food and truly

Cafe Barbera

Project InfoLocationCity Centre Sharjah Square Feet5,500 Client NameCafe Barbera Scope (Designers)FITOUT TURNKEY Project Description It is not enough simply to create a winning and distinctive harmony of taste and aroma, Barbera’s secret is in over 145 years of experience and it is in a family which always believed in quality and tradition. So we made it our mission, and our team created an uncluttered, generous ambiance, all suitable to feel calm and relaxed

The Kasap

Project InfoLocationIBN BATUTA MALL Square Feet6,000 Client NameKASAP Scope (Designers)FITOUT TURNKEY DesignerAUJAN Project Description The Kasap Restaurant and Coffee Shop where modern Turkish cuisine meets elegance. The interiors were designed and created to meet all the luxury requirements where high-quality delicacies are served in a very authentic manner. That endless satisfaction was the result when the outcome meets all the client’s needs and requirements in an optimal way.


Project InfoLocationSHAKE ZAYED ROAD Square Feet2,000 Client NameROSS POLLARD Scope (Designers)FITOUT TURNKEY DesignerAUJAN Project Description Great spot to find a great cup of coffee/Tea and a bite to eat, with Aujan’s incredible interior design with each and every corner inviting and pleasing, drawing its customers back. Idealistic commanded modern kitchen styles implemented with excellent craftsmanship. Walls with polish finish texture plastering.

Attibassi Cafe

Project InfoLocationDIP Square Feet900 Client NameATTIBASSI Project Description Attibassi, passion and tradition for espresso coffee, The Real Italian coffee since 1918 Attibassi covers every aspect of real Italian roast coffee with a range of flavors defined by the delicate blend of beans and exact roast to bring out their finest flavors. For such a passionate company, our reward was designing an excellence adapting the same passion. Each and every

The Popcorn Street

Project InfoLocationCITY WALK Square Feet200 Client NameAL ALI AHMED Scope (Designers)KIOSK CONTAINER DesignerAUJAN Project Description A Popcorn galore in a Container Kiosk with flavored popcorn, creating special flavored packed popcorn. The special design protects the interior from harsh outside weather conditions

The Meating Room

Project InfoLocationKARAMA Square Feet850 Client NameJACOB DesignerAUJAN Project Description The Meating Room was conceptualized to be a casual dining place for meat and greet, specializing in contemporary BBQ food – Meat and Seafood, that brings family and friends together. Dining at Meating Room has its own unique and unforgettable experience marked with an exquisite budget cuisine and impeccable service with a great ambience. Designing such a memorable place was an immense pleasure. With

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