Give your Home a Makeover!

//Give your Home a Makeover!
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Give your Home a Makeover!

Who doesn’t wish to stay back at home enjoying the coziness and comfort? But what if the place is less impressive and dull? Don’t you wish to update your home sweet home to the new style of 2017? Interior designers from all over the world are always looking for something innovative and impressive. They had recommended the new changes for the year 2017. Are you aware of it? If not, spend a few minutes in reading this blog.

Play with colors

Brighten up your interior with the signature colors of 2017. There is a concept called color psychology which mentions about the power of each color to create a mood in the house. Each color has specified role in influencing our mood. The color of this year is that of Green which resembles the connectivity with nature. It reflects on health as well as well-being and contributes to stress release. This color resonates with nature and the outdoors, making it both calming and beautiful. It can be used within the home and is a great statement color for the bedroom. The most popular color of 2017 is that of forest green. Instead of painting all white and gray, try something bright and appealing and note that always choose light colors to the bedroom.

The option of pink encourages creativity and calmness and is best suited to use along with a blending shade. Yellow reflects happiness and it is vibrant, will be very suitable for kids room. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean which signifies intelligence and productivity. It is best suited for office rooms and reading corners. Red shows a bold statement which stimulates appetite and encourages conversation.

Trendy ideas on the go

While moving into the new era, we may need to switch our routine styles and rhythm. In case of you getting too attached to marbles and single color themed designs, you have to make sure the minimalist use of marbles are the new trend and instead of that, you can try natural or earthly titles. Warm materials such as terracotta tiles are popularly cool and will be making a coming back. You can opt cork finished walls and tables which give unique look to the interiors. Finely used jewels to the frames and boxes give a fashionable finish as the twisted metals. Classic chairs and sofa sets are back in style and grab some to give a bit of color to your cozy home. Last but not the least, get hold of the upholstered bed heads which are making a strong statement in the contemporary time.

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