Maintenance Company : Tips to Uphold Elegance of Your Home

//Maintenance Company : Tips to Uphold Elegance of Your Home
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Maintenance Company : Tips to Uphold Elegance of Your Home

Home maintenance is one of our daily or weekly responsibilities. It is necessary for both owners and new owners of the home to perform some renovation works. Home repairs can seem complex and there will be fear in people’s mind that if they repair by themselves then that can cause huge damages, so they got discouraged. There are many home maintenance companies in Dubai; Aujan Interiors LLC Dubai is one of the best home maintenance company dubai and it provides excellent maintenance services in dubai. Aujan Interiors LLC Dubai is also known as one of the best building maintenance companies in dubai.


Heating and Cooling
Daily check the condensation hose to confirm that water can flow freely from the pipe. If there water blockage where your condensation line drains, create a drainage path to avoid formation of mold and algae, which can cause serious health problems when we switch on appliance and blown into your home. Always remember to reduce the temperature of heater in summer season.
Water leakage in your toilets can not only generate high bills but it also damages floors of the washroom. To check the leakage, add some color to your water tank and after an hour check the flour whether there is pink color. If there is pink color then it means that there is leakage and do the need full to stop it. You should do toilet renovations at least once in a year.
In plumbing the important factor is to know the main valve for the water source in case of emergency. And water heater’s temperature should be previously made accurate from factory of its manufacture then for home it should be made set to 120 degree. Faucets and fixtures need a usual maintenance at a regular interval of time. Open and close shut-off valves to avoid corrosion.
Always make sure that don’t put over weight on the weak ceilings as it cannot bear the large amount of load. Most of the attics are not created for storage purpose. Be sure that attics should have enough facilities for ventilation; never keep materials or things that block vents.
Kitchen Renovation
While renovating your kitchen you should always take care of quality of materials so that it should be long lasting and try to use latest trends to make it up to date. Select good and elegant counter top and check and decide height of kitchen cabinets height accurately because replacement will be a complex task.
In the case of electric appliances and gas appliances we should always go through its instruction manuals. The manufacturer’s manual includes the instructions for the settings of appliances and it should be followed before start using the appliances. Always make sure to fill out the warranty card because any defects or problem in appliances can be solved easily through the manufacture’s free help only if we have warranty card. These are the following things we should check if appliances are not working properly:
• Make sure the appliance is plugged in.
• If it is on a GFI outlet, use the reset button.
• Make sure the circuit breaker on the panel box is in the ON position.
• Some appliances have fuses or breakers built in – check the service manual.
• If you suspect a gas leak, turn off the main valve near the meter and call the Gas Company immediately

Windows and Doors
In case of doors and windows the changes in weather always cause expansion and contraction which will make them loose or sometimes difficult to close them. So in these situations joinery works need to be done on them, check the screw and make them tight and if sanding is necessary then do it. To protect wood from other damages make sure to paint and polish it.

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