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Furniture & décor accessories:fitoutdubai
By November 02, 2015

BORED ABOUT OLD INTERIOR DESIGN : It’s time to change, we give you perfect ideas.   We all know that if we like to do anything there is loads of confusion. How?  From where? Like so many questions are triggered in our mind.  We give you perfect answers how to make your interior space more lively

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Maintenance company dubai
By October 07, 2015

Home maintenance is one of our daily or weekly responsibilities. It is necessary for both owners and new owners of the home to perform some renovation works. Home repairs can seem complex and there will be fear in people’s mind that if they repair by themselves then that can cause huge damages, so they got

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Kitchen Renovation Dubai
By October 07, 2015

Before starting the renovation work for kitchen be sure about the following details and then proceed.   QUALITY Always select top quality materials for drawer slides and hinges which help the doors to be remained closed properly and they will last for a long time. Always make sure not to use particleboard doors or stapled

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Toilet Renovations Dubai
By September 22, 2015

Are you planning for remodeling your toilet or bathroom? Before starting toilet renovation please go through following points it can help you to save your time and money. BUDGET Create a budget plan by deciding how much you want to spend and stick to it. It will be easy for you to select items such as

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Renovation for coffee shop dubai
By August 23, 2015

Coffee shops are the place where people use to come in their free times to relax and sit peacefully, so if the coffee shops are attractive in look and provide best services, people will love to come back and sit. So the renovations of coffee shops with the latest trends and designs are necessary. To

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